"This is a very scary read! First there was Psycho, then there was The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and finally, The Silence of the Lambs. Now, you can add Into the Devil's Reach if you love the serial killer genre. I can only hope that it is destined to become a very scary motion picture.”

―David Worth,  director of Kickboxer, The Prophet's Game, Honor and author of The Citizen Kane Crash Course in Cinematography.


“Into the Devil’s Reachcombines the raw energy of the best exploitation movies by Sam Peckinpah, Takashi Miike, or Mario Bavo. Weinberger also weaves in a deliciously disturbing sexual tale. This is one ride to the edge of erotic desire you won’t forget―and so much fun that you also won’t care if you come back.”

―Polly Frost,  author of Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies


“Into the Devil's Reachis a gritty, erotic thriller that expertly mixes determined cops, serial killers, small-town life, and blood-thirsty devil-worshippers. The sex is raw and kinky, a real turn-on. The violence rips into your gut. It’s bloody as hell. Detective Mueller belongs in the pantheon of heroines of crime fiction. In terms of perverse, sadistic evil, Sheriff Dwayne Wexler rivals Hannibal Lecter and Jack the Ripper.”

―Lou Bottino,  writer/director of Lake’s Edge andLittle Fish


“Graphic, gritty, wildly entertaining, and yet disturbing as hell itself, Into the Devil’s Reach veers gleefully back and forth from sacred to profane. Louis Weinberger’s first novel of satanic serial killers – and the one cop who can stop them – will likely keep your hands white-knuckled on its pages until the last twist has smacked you in the head like a two-by-four. Right at the intersection of Horror and Crime Thriller, Into the Devil’s Reach is not to be read by the prudish or faint-hearted, but if you dare take the ride, it’ll reach into your gut in all the best ways.”

W.D. Gagliani,  Bram Stoker Award Finalist and author of Savage Nights and the Nick Lupo series of Horror-Thrillers, including Wolf’s Trap.


“With Into the Devil’s Reach, Louis Weinberger weaves together one hell of a gripping erotic thriller―graphic, sexy, and intense. A flawed female detective, sadistic serial killers, and a taut mystery make this a compelling page-turner. Highly recommended.”

―Brian Moreland,  author of Dead of Winter and The Devil’s Woods


"Weinberger sets up an erotic thriller that matches the talent of any from the genre that have put pen to paper before him."

―Ira Gansler,  actor/writer for Scarewaves and author of The Things in the Darkness.